Journey To Being Retreat

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We are planning our next immersive retreat on February 7, 8 & 9, 2020! We would love to have you join us for this wonderful event!


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Feedback from "Journey To Being Retreat":


· A safe haven for growth, love, light, and healing

· This retreat was truly unique for me. I have always wanted to proceed with my self-worth journey, and learn and grow more as a person, and to connect more with spirituality. I got that from this experience.

· There is no escaping the irony of all the baggage we bring to the “Journey to Being”! We enter burdened, overloaded, dragging our emotional bags of anxiety, self-doubt, guilt, .. anything that robs us of peace and serenity. The exercises in mind, body & spirit that allow the sharing of our frailties and fears now become the compass that leads us on a course of fulfillment to become whole, complete and lacking in nothing. Leave the Baggage, Take the Spirit. 

· I love watching Brenda work in a group setting. She is beautiful and authentic when she works with spirit and the individual. This also helps heal others, present or not present.

· What a beautiful way to share space in a loving and safe environment to explore topics that help us to grow and heal.

· I loved the weekend! I had the opportunity to become more connected with myself and spend time with like-minded people.


To all the beautiful souls who attended the retreat, thank you for sharing your love, light, and spirit with us. Traveling this part of your journey with you was a gift, an honor and a beautiful learning experience for us<3


With light & healing - Brenda & Donna

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