Donna M


If you want to move your life in a direction of purpose, peace, healing, and understanding... you need to see Brenda at Hands From Above Healing! It’s an experience that will definitely impact you in all the best ways. Brenda is a genuine healer and guide. I highly recommend her services!


Meredith H


I would like to tell you a true success story of Brenda and her ability to help heal with her Reiki. My journey began April 2015 with breast cancer. Through many treatments and surgeries I thought that on my own I could kill the beast that was threatening my health and quality of life. I had success and through the first 8 months after surgery I was symptom free. Only to find out that I had tumors through out my body. It was this point in my journey that I welcomed anyone and anything that could be helpful.

The first treatment is always the worst, in walked Brenda. Yes please I said. It took about 20 minutes and well the headache that I refused to acknowledge was gone. Brenda asked does the right side of your head feel better? My word it really did! As the months and years have grown on I have found that Brenda is a intricate part of my health team. As she will tell you I don’t always say what today flavor of pain maybe but she always seems to find it and make it better. If you are looking for peace and calming any time not just when your sick or in pain, I am a firm believer that everyone needs Brenda in their lives.

Thank you,
Meredith Hunt 

Julie L


Brenda is very gifted and her healing skills have been life changing. I highly recommend paying her a visit!